Co-sponsored by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Health Foundation, CHIC works with parent clubs to identify health screening protocols appropriate for individual breeds. Smooth Collie Criminals Greeting Cards - Party Hats on Five Different Smooth Collie Dogs / Blank Inside / Card from the Dog AmberMariePortraits. Nov 25, 2013 - Explore Darren Driscoll's board "Smooth Collie", followed by 468 people on Pinterest. The most famous and valued Collie bloodlines in North America run in their veins. They display wariness towards strangers and may often stay at a distance and bark, however, they would never deal with an unknown person aggressively. \"Smooth Collie - one of the best decisions in my life!\" - said once a friend of mine, and I couldn't agree more. The well-toned physique, narrow head and hard, thick fur are reminiscent of a greyhound upon first glance. Her Highness had shown immense interest in these dogs during her stay at Balmoral Castle. Required fields are marked *. Short History of Smooth Collie. *NOTE 2: The Fédération Cynologique International (FCI) is the World Canine Organization, which includes 91 members and contract partners (one member per country) that each issue their own pedigrees and train their own judges. Puppies from the same litter can have smooth or rough coats and breeders are still given the opportunity to register their puppies as either breed with the Kennel Club! It is at this juncture that their status changed from a simple working breed to that of a popular family pet. Dogs tested in accordance with the parent club established requirements, that have their results registered and made available in the public domain are issued CHIC numbers.” To learn more, visit: The Smooth Collie carries a short, hard, dense, flat outer coat over an abundance of undercoat. tactful trainer is needed. credit: Uneeda Collies, *NOTE 1: CHIC – The Canine Health Information Center “is a database of consolidated health screening results from multiple sources. Black and white coats were common at first but new varieties were eventually introduced. Drooling is the unintentional saliva flowing outside of the mouth. Native to Scotland and northern England, the Smooth Collie was originally developed as a herding dog. Find great deals on eBay for smooth collie. Smooth Collie Database - profiles of dogs, pedigrees, puppies, links and more Find Smooth Collie puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. 3.9K likes. The Smooth Collie has a sociable, gentle, intelligent and friendly demeanor, bonding strongly with their masters as well as other members of the family. Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. The FCI recognizes 344 breeds, with each being the “property” of a specific country. Smooth Collie has a soft, extremely dense undercoat and straight and harsh outer coat. 5 out of 5 stars (1,061) 1,061 reviews $ 4.50. In fact, because of being less popular, the breed probably stayed more faithful to its original form and character. Today, the Smooth Collie is less common than the Rough Collie, but he is identical in every way except for coat length. Good a video of the gorgoeus smooth collie :P song: Calvin Harris- I'm not alone They have a friendly rapport with kids, though young ones need parental supervision when interacting with them. They display wariness towards strangers and may often stay at a distance and bark, however, they would never deal with an unknown person aggressively. They are energetic, needing about an hour’s exercise on a daily basis to be stimulated physically as well as mentally. However, they are highly sensitive and would not do It is a short-coated version of the Rough Collieof Lassiefame. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. The history of the Smooth and its close cousin Rough Collie started during Queen Victoria’s reign. Meet Sindy, the blue merle smooth collie I met yesterday at a dogshow! Have you seen the movie, Lassie? Obedience The Smooth Collie is a breed of dog developed originally for herding. AN ESTABLISHED, RESPECTED & PROVEN FAMILY OF COLLIE DEDICATED TO THE HEALTH, WELL BEING & BEAUTY OF THE BREED. intelligent but sometimes display bouts of stubbornness, for which a firm and Collie eye anomaly, epilepsy, and cyclic neutropenia. The Collie was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1885. quality dry dog food teamed with a healthy homemade diet (in measured amount) The Smooth Collie has a sociable, gentle, intelligent and friendly demeanor, bonding strongly with their masters as well as other members of the family. Ensure that the prospective puppy’s parents have all health clearances. well to harsh treatments. There are many kinds of Collies, so it’s best to clarify that Collies are different from Border Collies. Glendamar Collies is located in South Leduc, Alberta. be useful in keeping their stubborn nature and chasing instincts under control. There are several varieties of coat colour. He has a short, dense, straight outer coat and a furry undercoat for warmth. Uneeda Watch Me Fly “Cruise” She's still just a pup but I'm sure great things awits her! Which is better: Smooth Collie or Rough Collie High energy levels need to be drained out and the dog needs lots of physical and mental stimulation to be happy and content. From shop … To maintain the shine rub it well using chamois leather. They are Both the Smooth and Rough Collies are native to Scotland where they worked as herding dogs. That dog’s breed is a Standard Collie that also comes in a smooth or rough coat. Some experts are of the opinion that the breed’s name was derived from the word “coaly” which means dark color because it is a descendant of black colored sheep once found in Scotland. Shop with confidence. Adult males stand at 56-61cm and weigh 20.5-29.5kg, and females are … A Smooth Collie like Finn is not the typical choice for a search and rescue dog. All rights reserved. Fun Fact: Until 1994, a Smooth Collie was allowed to be bred to a Rough Collie. Mini Bull Terriers Smooth Fox Terriers English Toy Terrier Lancashire Heeler Red And White Setter Glen Of Imaal Terrier Dandie Dinmont Terrier Smooth Collie Bearded Collie. Dense, Sign up now and stay updated for all the latest news, Your email address will not be published. alert, active, intelligent, eager-to-please, Adjusts He may be white, sable and white, blue merle and white, sable merle … Glendamar Collies. This Page is about a wonderful breed of dogs - Smooth Collies. As they are bred for herding, Smooth Collies make good trainable family dogs and are alert and vocal which makes for an excellent watch-dog. BIS CH. However, do consult a veterinarian Smooth Collie Dog svg files for Cricut, short haired rough Collie clipart, blue merle breed face head, png Download, Vector dxf, Printable Art4youSpace. ANKC, NZKC, CKC, UKC, KC (UK). © 2021 ( The Smooth Collie is even friendly with other dogs, though due to their herding instincts they could get after smaller animals. See more ideas about smooth collie, collie, collie dog. Thistle Brae Collies Thistle Brae has an extensive history of producing top notch Smooth Collies. Choose your favorite smooth collie designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Collie (Rough and Smooth) — Canine Inherited Disorders Database, Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) — Bloat. The Smooth Collie was used mostly to drive the sheep to market. Colour Like the Rough, the Smooth Collie may be tri-colour, sable, sable merle, merle or white. — is an Amazon Associate as well as a participant in various affiliate programs, as such fees are earned from qualifying purchases. However, the Smooth Collie possesses all the positive Collie characteristics and is also considered lower-maintenance and more robust than Rough Collies. ACTIVITY. (For more information on selecting a breeder, see the articles on the General Information page.). Like the Rough Collie, the Smooth is extremely versatile and seen participating in all kinds of sports and activities as well as being used as a working dog in several areas – From show ring to flyball, agility, obedience, draft work, herding, as well as search and rescue, therapy, service, guide dog – The Collie does it all. They are friendly, sweet, loyal, and sociable dog that is best as a pet companion in the house. Smooth Collie Breeders. Photo courtesy: Uneeda Collies. smooth and soft undercoat while the outer guard hairs are harsh and straight, Sociable, The FCI is not a breed registry nor does it issue pedigrees. The Smooth Collie is the same as the Rough Collie, but without the long coat. training, particularly teaching them commands like “Stop”, “No”, and “Stay” may All smooth collie artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is believed that the breed was brought to Scotland by Romans. The Smooth Collie is a medium-sized herding breed and the Rough-Collie’s smooth coated version. The Smooth Collie is a working breed with lots of energy. This trait makes them good watchdogs, though their guarding skills are not that adept. The Smooth Collie is a short-haired version of the Rough Collie (a breed made recognizable by the 1950's show "Lassie"). Compare Smooth Collie and Rough Collie and {name3}. The Smooth Collies’ coat is one-inch long and requires little grooming. These dogs are immensely loyal, always possessing an eagerness to please their owners. From shop AmberMariePortraits. regarding the variety and amounts of food to give your pet. For the Collie, the CHICNote 1 database includes health screenings for: Photo: CH. Only 2 available and it's in 3 people's carts. Some breed organisations consider the smooth-coat and rough-coat dogs to be variations of the same breed. Imparting The Smooth Collieis a breedof dogdeveloped originally for herding. We pride ourselves in breeding for temperament, health, and beauty. A brisk walk in the morning and evening along with sufficient play time in a fenced yard would keep them stimulated, however, lack of sufficient activity may make them bored and destructive. Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding. He is very good with children and usually good with other pets, and he is naturally protective so makes a good watch dog. distinguishing a threat from a pleasant experience, thus being able to identify The Smooth Collie is a perfect example for very low drooling tendency. Their wedge-shaped head gives an impression of lightness. Today, the Smooth Collie is less common than the Rough Collie, but he is identical in every way except for coat length. Grooming Thorough and regular brushing are all that’s required. The Smooth Collie is one of the Collie breeds of dog, it is a short-coated version of Collie that is originated in Scotland and were primarily use as a herding dog. In fact, according to certain organizations, the Rough and Smooth coated kinds are said to belong to the same breed of which they are just a variation. the good and bad intentions of a stranger. Smooth Collie Appearance. healthy breed with a long lifespan, however, some of the common conditions they Collie dogs are most recognised for their lush and abundant coats, the Smooth Collie being the short-coated version. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. A smooth collie is a medium sized dog, balanced and versatile, generally healthy and long living, of high … The Smooth Collie is generally a sociable, easily trained family dog The dog sits by the lake. Smooth Collies are not nervous or aggressive dogs, their actions often appearing to be smooth and effortless. Smooth Collies. BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA BREEDER OF QUALITY ROUGH & SMOOTH COLLIES IN SABLE, TRI, BLUE MERLE & SABLE MERLE Although it has never reached the glory of Lassie, smooths are just as remarkable, to say the least. The fur is short, yet soft and dense, and is most commonly with a while chest and colored backside. You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from an animal shelter or rescue group. There has been a lot of speculation about the history of these dogs, while the origination of their names also remains unclear. It is also believed that smooth collie and roug… Besides serving as house pets, they are employed in herding trials, agility, obedience competition, as well as other canine sports. He weighs in at 60 to 75 pounds (27-34 kg). He may be white, sable and white, blue merle and white, sable merle and white, or tri-coloured. Their short and smooth coat does not need too much maintenance and would suffice with a weekly brushing. The smooth Collie and smooth coat Border Collie aren’t the same. Some prominent physical features of this breed are its longish, athletic body, wedge-shaped, thin head, thin, black snout, almond-shaped, brown eyes, slightly long ears, and a long tail, the end of which is a little lifted. There are several varieties of coat colour. Smooth Collie Database - profiles of dogs, pedigrees, puppies, links and more Rough and Smooth Collies RR #2 Leduc, Alberta, T9E 2X2 Tel./Cell: 587-986-5207 E-mail: Website: is all that your Smooth Collie would need. Uneeda Promise The Moon “Luna” Find similarities and differences between Smooth Collie vs Rough Collie. Find Smooth Collie dogs and puppies from Washington breeders. The Smooth Collie stands up to 26 inches (67 cm) tall at the shoulder. A Rough or Smooth Collie may not be right for you. The earliest records of the breed began appearing around the 1800s, but these animals had been in existence for some time at that point. Border Collies (the not-so-distant cousins of Smooth and Rough Collies) are by far the most popular breed to use, and are just more popular in general. He has a short, dense, straight outer coat and a furry undercoat for warmth. His coat requires minimal grooming. The Smooth Collie is a loving, active, and agile dog. He makes an excellent family companion as he is affectionate, people-loving and needs companionship. Their ears are 3/4 erect with the tips folding forward. If you're disgusted by slobber spots on your clothes, the Smooth Collie could be a perfect choice for you. It can be completely normal or a sign of a health problem. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) DNA Test. They are a socialization training to the Smooth Collie puppies would help them in Certain dog breeds drool minimal compared to others, just like the Smooth Collie. After Queen Victoria owned this dog, the dog was bred for companionship purpose too. They are intelligent, dignified, sweet, and expressive with a friendly disposition toward their family and strangers alike. Gentle training sessions conducted in a positive manner will yield more than satisfying results. Your email address will not be published. Breed: Smooth collie Sindy the merle pup. He has a short, dense, straight outer coat and a furry undercoat for warmth. 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