This was the last imperial dynasty of China.He is often called as Father of the Nation. Sun Yat-sen (pinyin: Sūn YiXiān; Cuiheng, 12 de novembro de 1866 – 12 de março de 1925) foi um estadista, político e líder revolucionário chinês.Como o principal pioneiro da China republicana, Sun é frequentemente referido como o Pai da Nação.Desempenhou um papel fundamental na derrubada da Dinastia Qing em outubro de 1911, a última dinastia imperial da China. [120], The Nanyang Wan Qing Yuan in Singapore have since been preserved and renamed as the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. Berg publishing. Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) był chińskim politykiem rewolucyjnym, pierwszym prezydentem Republiki Chińskiej, stając się tym samym założycielem współczesnych Chin. From the time of Sun's death until the appearance of Barth's report[100] in the Chinese Journal of Cancer in September 2016 (now known as Cancer Communications[107] since 1 March 2018), the true cause of death of Sun Yat-sen was not reported in any English-language publication. The party has since been headed by a director-general (1927–1975) and a chairman (since 1975), which discharge the functions of the president. Lebensdaten, Biografie und Steckbrief auf Sun Yat-Sen. Político y líder revolucionario chino nacido en Zhongshan, provincia de Guangdong, el 12 de noviembre de 1866 y muerto en Pekín en marzo de 1925. Sun Yat-sen kilkakrotnie próbował pełnej rekonstrukcji rządu republikańskiego z niepewnego gabinetu z 1911 r. Jednak do 1920 r. Nie mógł tego osiągnąć. W tym czasie sytuacja rodziny była tak niepewna, że ​​jego starszy brat był zmuszony wyemigrować na inne szerokości geograficzne, aby zarabiać na życie. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Został poważnie skrytykowany i wydalony za złamanie religijnej postaci swojej miejscowości. Su primera educación, al igual que su lugar de nacimiento, lo hicieron un hombre de dos mundos, China y … To Sun rozpoczął i stanął na czele stuletniego marszu Państwa Środka ku odzyskaniu utraconej potęgi. Birth of Sun heralds dawn of revolutionary era for China. At stake in this struggle was the right to lay claim to Sun's ambiguous legacy. Ta miejscowość znajduje się na południe od prowincji Guangdong. However, as the war ended in July 1902, America emerged victorious from a bitter 3-year war against the Republic. [35] The group was spreading the idea of overthrowing the Qing. While the events leading up to it are unclear, in 1896 Sun Yat-sen was detained at the Chinese Legation in London, where the Chinese Imperial secret service planned to smuggle him back to China to execute him for his revolutionary actions. Sun Yat-sen (12 November 1866 – 12 March 1925) was born in China and was a Chinese political leader. She then voiced her displeasure in 2002 in a private letter to Jiang about the distortion of history. Tang Jiaxuan. [14][15][16][17], During his stay in Honolulu, Sun Yat-sen went to ʻIolani School where he studied English, British history, mathematics, science, and Christianity. Opuścił to stanowisko, próbując utrzymać związek między prowincjami i po prostu uniknąć ewentualnej wojny domowej. En el año 1879 viaja a Honolulu, donde cursa estudios en escuelas misioneras.Regresó a China en 1883 y posteriormente se traslada a Hong Kong, donde fue bautizado como cristiano y contrajo matrimonio. Nekazari familia batean jaio zen. Zmarł na raka wątroby 12 marca 1925 r. O godzinie 58. [74], On 10 October 1911, a military uprising at Wuchang took place led again by Huang Xing. Even in Chinese-language sources, it only appeared in one non-medical online report in 2013.[100][108]. [2008] (2008). There are also two streets named after Sun Yat-sen, located in the cities of Astrakhan and Ufa, Russia. The autopsy was performed immediately after Sun's death by James Cash, a pathologist at PUMCH. In Hawaii, Sun Wen lived with his brother Sun … Bertan, hezkuntza kristaua jaso eta … “Sun Yat-Sen and the Japanese: 1914–16.” Modern Asian Studies, vol. The Kuomintang's constitution designated Sun as party president. November 1866, Cuiheng, Zhongshan, Provinz Guangdong, Kaiserreich China; 12. Sun Yat-sen (Cuiheng, Guangdong, 12 de novembre de 1866 - en viatge a Pequín el 12 de març de 1925), en transcripció Wade-Gilles (segons la pronúncia cantonesa), Sun Yixian (en xinès tradicional: 孫逸仙) en transcripció pinyin (segons la pronúncia en mandarí), conegut habitualment a la Xina com a Sun Zhongshan, fou un estadista, líder revolucionari i polític xinès. Sun Yat-Sen was a major politician and a Chinese revolutionary who co founded the Kuomintang and served as its first leader. [105] He also left a short political will (總理遺囑) penned by Wang Jingwei, which had a widespread influence in the subsequent development of the Republic of China and Taiwan.[106]. [1], Sun Deming was born on 12 November 1866 to Sun Dacheng and Madame Yang. In 1981, Lily Sun took a trip to Sun Yat-sen mausoleum in Nanjing, People's Republic of China. Passou uma infância despreocupada, frequentando a escola da aldeia, em companhia de outras crianças. [137] In 2008 Jiang Zemin was willing to offer US$10 million to sponsor a Xinhai Revolution anniversary celebration event. [62], On 20 August 1905, Sun joined forces with revolutionary Chinese students studying in Tokyo to form the unified group Tongmenghui (United League), which sponsored uprisings in China. Sun pictured a revolution as similar to the salvation mission of the Christian church. On the mainland, Sun is seen as a Chinese nationalist, proto-socialist, first president of a Republican China and is highly regarded as the Forerunner of the Revolution (革命先行者). [79] On 12 February 1912 Emperor Puyi did abdicate the throne. [14] Additionally, members of his family and relatives of Sun would take refuge at the home of his brother Sun Mei at Kamaole in Kula, Maui. Miejsce, w którym się urodził, było znane jako „Xiangshan” i obecnie nazywa się Cuiheng. When Sun learned of the successful rebellion against the Qing emperor from press reports, he returned to China from the United States accompanied by his closest foreign advisor, the American, "General" Homer Lea. Guy, Nancy. Schiffrin, Harold Z. Sun Yat-sen's durable and malleable legacy. Among the people he met was the Muslim General Ma Fuxiang, who informed Sun that they would welcome his leadership. Sun Yat-sen was a Chinese politician, physician, and political philosopher, who served as the provisional first president of the Republic of China and the first leader of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party of China). Stworzył imprezę o nazwie Kuomintang lub Guomindang. [67][citation needed], The first actual United Chinese Library building was built between 1908 and 1911 below Fort Canning – 51 Armenian Street, commenced operations in 1912. Sun is unique among 20th-century Chinese leaders for being widely revered in both mainland China and Taiwan. 中國近代史, Volume 1. [48], On 22 October 1900, Sun launched the Huizhou uprising to attack Huizhou and provincial authorities in Guangdong. (2004). [18] He then attended Oahu College (now known as Punahou School) for one semester. He knew that the only way that China would change and modernize would be to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. Sun received financial support mostly from his brother who sold most of his 12,000 acres of ranch and cattle in Hawaii. There are also numerous parks, schools, and geographical features named after him. "Sun Yat-sen as Guofu: Competition over Nationalist Party Orthodoxy in the Second Sino-Japanese War.". Bezirk wurde ihm zu Ehren in Zhongshan . Sun Yat-sen (/ ˈ s ʌ n ˈ j æ t ˈ s ɛ n /; 12 November 1866 – 12 March 1925) was a Chinese philosopher, physician, and politician, who served as the first president of the Republic of China and the first leader of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party of China). The same month in 1894 the Furen Literary Society was merged with the Hong Kong chapter of the Revive China Society. Został ochrzczony imieniem, pod którym jest znany jako „Sun Yat-sen”. Encyclopedia of Political Theory. [13] After finishing primary education, he moved to Honolulu in the Kingdom of Hawaii, where he lived a comfortable life of modest wealth supported by his elder brother Sun Mei. Columbia university press. [128], In 1993 Lily Sun, one of Sun Yat-sen's granddaughters, donated books, photographs, artwork and other memorabilia to the Kapi'olani Community College library as part of the "Sun Yat-sen Asian collection". In the political mess, both Sun Yat-sen and Xu Shichang were announced as President of the Republic of China. [133] In Space: Above and Beyond, one of the starships of the China Navy is named the Sun Yat-sen.[134], In 2010, a theatrical play Yellow Flower on Slopes (斜路黃花) was created and performed. Bevir, Mark. Sun Yat-sen (12 de noviembre de 1866-12 de marzo de 1925) ocupa hoy una posición única en el mundo de habla china. Lin, Xiaoqing Diana. He is referred as the "Father of the Nation" in the Republic of China for his instrumental role in the overthrow of the Qing dynasty during the Xinhai Revolution. Su padre trabajaba como agricultor… [58] However, on Sun's first attempt to enter the US, he was still arrested. Daar verdiepte hij zich in de westerse wetenschap, met name het christendom en de westerse filosofie. Chinese university press. [69], On 1 December 1907, Sun led the Zhennanguan uprising against the Qing at Friendship Pass, which is the border between Guangxi and Vietnam. [55] Sun wrote a book in 1897 about his detention, titled "Kidnapped in London."[23]. [43] The Hundred Days' reform turned out to be a failure by 1898. [note 1] James Cantlie, Sun's former teacher at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, maintained a lifelong friendship with Sun and would later write an early biography of Sun. HarperCollins publishing. [24][25][26], In the early 1880s, Sun Mei sent his brother to ʻIolani School, which was under the supervision of British Anglicans and directed by an Anglican prelate named Alfred Willis. Jutlandii podlegające przemiennie Danii i Niemcom. November 1870 auf Hawaii; † 12. Su padre trabajaba como agricultor, que había sido la ocupación tradicional de su familia durante muchas generaciones. Biografia Sun Yat-sen, chińskiego przywódcy rewolucji. [87] The government in the South was established to rival the Beiyang government in the north. The old Chinatown in Calcutta (now known as Kolkata), India has a prominent street by the name of Sun Yat-sen street. This marked the beginning of the Warlord Era. Early Life Sun was born into a peasant family in a village near the Canton (Guangdong) Province just … In 1882 rondde hij deze opleiding af en keerde het jaar erop terug naar zijn geboortedorp. [53] He was released after 12 days through the efforts of James Cantlie, The Globe, The Times, and the Foreign Office; leaving Sun a hero in Britain. Sun Yat-Sen, filho de camponeses cristãos e médico de profissão, tornou-se líder da oposição republicana após a derrota contra o Japão em 1894-1895 e a conseqüente agonia do império chinês. [137] This concept is still currently available on Baike Baidu. His father owned very little land and worked as a tailor in Macau, and as a journeyman and a porter. Biografie; Sun Yat-Sen wurde am 12. Tym razem jego żona byłaby japońską piosenką Qingling. Sun born on 12 November in 1866. The TV series Towards the Republic features Ma Shaohua as Sun Yat-sen. Sun Yat-sen het in 1876 skool in China begin, maar drie jaar later het hy na Honolulu verhuis. In 1921 he started a self-proclaimed military government in Guangzhou and was elected Grand Marshal. Było to w 1915 r., Kiedy ożenił się po raz drugi. 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O dr. Sun Yat Sen, fundador da República Chinesa e Chefe da Revolução, nasceu a 12 de Novembro de 1866, de pais camponeses, numa pequena aldeia situada nas imediações de Hsiangshan, pequena cidade da província do Kwangtung. [56] Sun Yat-sen mainly used this group to leverage his overseas travels to gain further financial and resource support for his revolution. He was supported by the Japanese politician Tōten Miyazaki. Tam miał przekonanie, że tradycyjne Chiny są niczym więcej niż przesądem. Sun Yat-sen (chinois simplifié : 孙逸仙 ; chinois traditionnel : 孫逸仙 ; pinyin : sūn yìxiān ; cantonais Jyutping : syun¹ jatsin¹ ; zhuyin : ㄙㄨㄣ ˋ ㄒㄢ, Sun Yat-sen étant la prononciation en cantonais qui s'est exportée en Occident ; le nom se prononce Sūn Yìxiān en mandarin), plus connu en Chine sous son surnom Sun Zhongshan (en mandarin, chinois : 孙中山 / 孫中山, sūn zhōngshān, cantonais Jyutping : syun¹ zung¹saan¹, zhuyin … Sun Yat-Sen (Revolucionário e político chinês) 12-11-1866, Xiangshan, Guangdong 12-3-1925, Pequim Sun Yat-Sen, filho de camponeses cristãos e médico de profissão, tornou-se líder da oposição republicana após a derrota contra o Japão em 1894-1895 e a conseqüente agonia do império chinês. After his death, the Kuomintang opted to keep that language in its constitution to honor his memory forever. Wtedy, w 1883 roku, udało mu się dotrzeć do Hongkongu z zamiarem kontynuowania studiów. Sun Yat Sen era estudante diligente, estadista de grande visão trabalhador infatigável, otimista incurável e, acima de tudo, o estremecido líder da China, de visão clara e de propósitos firmes. Sun Yat Sen was a Chinese politician, revolutionary and physician. T'ung-meng Hui (Zjednoczona Liga Rewolucyjna) była organizacją założoną przez niego w 1905 roku w Tokio. 1870. [32], During the Qing-dynasty rebellion around 1888, Sun was in Hong Kong with a group of revolutionary thinkers who were nicknamed the Four Bandits at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. [1] When in school, the teacher named him Sun Wen (Cantonese: Syūn Màhn; 孫文), which was the name Sun called himself in the most time of his life. Przez te lata nawrócił się już na chrześcijaństwo. Encyclopedia of Days: Start the Day with History. [51][52], Sun was in exile not only in Japan but also in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Osiągnął ważny postęp polityczno-wojskowy wraz z powstającym reżimem bolszewickim. In 2011, there is also a Mandopop group called "Zhongsan Road 100" (中山路100號) known for singing the song "Our Father of the Nation" (我們國父).[136]. By pure chance, in May 2016, an American pathologist named Rolf F. Barth was visiting the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou when he noticed a faded copy of the original autopsy report on display. Data zakończenia 2019-04-05 - cena 219,16 zł Rząd Manchu został ostatecznie obalony w Wuchang przez siły rewolucyjne wykorzenione w prowincjach 10 października 1911 r. Sun Yat-sen został wybrany na tymczasowego prezydenta rodzących się Chin. It was on this street that Sun gave a speech claiming that overseas Chinese were "the Mother of the Revolution". [65] In 1908 two more uprisings failed one after another including Qin-lian uprising and Hekou uprising. At the time, Sun had no direct involvement as he was still in exile. [3] Sun received help from the Comintern for his acceptance of communist members into his KMT. Od 1824 bryt. 9 November 2003. Sharpe publishing. Although Charles Soong had been a personal friend of Sun's, he was enraged when Sun announced his intention to marry Ching-ling because while Sun was a Christian he kept two wives, Lu Muzhen and Kaoru Otsuki; Soong viewed Sun's actions as running directly against their shared religion. Opiekował się nimi jego starszy brat. [73] The leaders launched a major drive for donations across the Malay Peninsula. Chociaż jej związek był bardzo ograniczony z powodu długich okresów nieobecności w domu, w wyniku małżeństwa dała troje dzieci. [2006] (2006). Lorenz Gonschor, "Revisiting the Hawaiian Influence on the Political Thought of Sun Yat-sen.", Eric Helleiner, "Sun Yat-sen as a Pioneer of International Development. Ji, Zhaojin. Ab 1880 besuchte er eine englische Schule in Iolani. Biografi Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Ia lahir 12 November 1866 di Guang dong Cina, anak seorang petani miskin yang merantau ke Honolulu Hawai Amerika Serikat mengikuti kakak lelakinya untuk menempuh pendidikan. Encyclopedia Small Silver Coins. 4, 1972, pp. 11 November 1999. While in Singapore, he met local Chinese merchants Teo Eng Hock (張永福), Tan Chor Nam (陳楚楠) and Lim Nee Soon (林義順), which mark the commencement of direct support from the Nanyang Chinese. This was performed by the head of the Department of Surgery, Adrian S. Taylor, who stated that the procedure "revealed extensive involvement of the liver by carcinoma" and that Sun only had about ten days to live. De plaats waar hij werd geboren stond bekend als "Xiangshan" en heet nu Cuiheng. Kerr. [65] Tao Chengzhang (陶成章) and Zhang Binglin publicly denounced Sun with an open leaflet called "A declaration of Sun Yat-sen's criminal acts by the revolutionaries in Southeast Asia". [citation needed], In 1891, Sun met revolutionary friends in Hong Kong including Yeung Ku-wan who was the leader and founder of the Furen Literary Society. Było to w środowisku silnie naznaczonym pozytywną i racjonalistyczną dyrektywą, pełną zachodnich kontrastów i silnego przekonania o postępie naukowym i technologicznym. ", Yu, George T. "The 1911 Revolution: Past, Present, and Future,", This page was last edited on 3 January 2021, at 19:54. Biografia. [130], The plaque shown earlier in this article is by Dora Gordine, and is situated on the site of Sun's lodgings in London in 1896, 8 Grays Inn Place. [65], Because of these failures, Sun's leadership was challenged by elements from within the Tongmenghui who wished to remove him as leader. He did not live to see his party unify the country under his successor, Chiang Kai-shek in the Northern Expedition. Schoppa, Keith R. [2000] (2000). South China morning post. On another visit in May 2011, she was surprised to find the four characters "General Rules of Meetings" (會議通則), a document that Sun wrote in reference to Robert's Rules of Order had been removed from a stone carving. He soon went to exile in Japan for safety but returned to found a revolutionary government in the South as a challenge to the warlords who controlled much of the nation. [60] Official files of the United States show that Sun had United States nationality, moved to China with his family at age 4, and returned to Hawaii 10 years later. [126] In Sacramento, California there is a bronze statue of Sun in front of the Chinese Benevolent Association of Sacramento. [98] On 28 November 1924 Sun traveled to Japan and gave a speech on Pan-Asianism at Kobe, Japan. In Taiwan, he is seen as the Father of the Republic of China, and is known by the posthumous name Father of the Nation, Mr. Sun Zhongshan (Chinese: 國父 孫中山先生, where the one-character space is a traditional homage symbol). [70], To sponsor more uprisings, Sun made a personal plea for financial aid at the Penang conference held on 13 November 1910 in Malaya. "[57] This is where Sun Yat-sen realized that China needed to change its ways. [56] The group has also been referred to as the "three cooperating organizations" as well as the triads. [3] He is even mentioned by name in the preamble to the Constitution of the People's Republic of China. W ten sposób zaczął mieć pewną rozbieżną postawę wobec obrzędów panującego imperium. WW Norton & company publishing. He had an older brother, Sun Dezhang (孫德彰), and an older sister, Sun Jinxing (孫金星), who died at the early age of 4. Sun Yat-sen urodził się 12 listopada 1866 roku w wiosce skromnych rybaków. Ele criou a festa chamada Kuomintang ou Guomindang. 26 April 2011. Sun Yat - sen, der sowohl die chinesischeals auch eine europäische Aus-bildung genossen hat, fand eine lebendige Synthese der beiden Kul-turen, der traditionellen Grundprinzipien des Konfuzianismus und der Anforderungen der neuen Zeif. Jego ojciec zmienił zawód i poświęcił się krawiectwu. Chinese Muslim Generals and Imams participated in this cult of personality and one party state, with Muslim General Ma Bufang making people bow to Sun's portrait and listen to the national anthem during a Tibetan and Mongol religious ceremony for the Qinghai Lake God. [2011] (2011). [95][96] This same year, he delivered a speech in which he proclaimed his Three Principles of the People as the foundation of the country and the Five-Yuan Constitution as the guideline for the political system and bureaucracy. Two ships are also named after him, the Chinese gunboat Chung Shan and Chinese cruiser Yat Sen. Sun saw the danger of this and returned to China in 1917 to advocate Chinese reunification. Jego ówczesna żona była młodą kobietą wybraną przez rodzinę w tradycyjny sposób, zgodnie z systemem małżeńskim, z którego korzystali w tym czasie. 1882 m. Sun Yat-sen baigė Iolani vidurinę mokyklą ir vieną semestrą praleido viename semestre Oahu koledže, kol jo vyresnysis brolis jam grįžo į Kiniją ne vėliau kaip po 17 metų. [2006] (2006). It is located near to where his older brother had a ranch on the slopes of Haleakala in the Kula region. Sun Yat-sen attended elementary school in China, but he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of 13 where his elder brother Sun Mei had lived since 1871. [74] The revolutionaries are remembered as martyrs. Su padre trabajaba como agricultor, que había sido la ocupación tradicional de su familia durante muchas generaciones. [103], Following this the body then was preserved in mineral oil[104] and taken to the Temple of Azure Clouds, a Buddhist shrine in the Western Hills a few miles outside of Beijing. Odzyskane w: [137], In November 2004, the ROC Ministry of Education proposed that Sun Yat-sen was not the father of Taiwan. Era hijo de campesinos del Kuangtung, la provincia más meridional de China, donde la presencia extranjera se remontaba a épocas más antiguas y eran mayores las transformaciones económicas motivadas por la explotación colonial. Revolutionary and socialist leader Vladimir Lenin praised Sun and the KMT for their ideology and principles. The search for modern China. Związek charakteryzował się byciem szczęśliwym, spokojnym i bez potomstwa. [121], Sun's US citizen Hawaii birth certificate that show he was not born in the ROC, but instead born in the US was on public display at the American Institute in Taiwan on US Independence day 4 July 2011. It called for the end of warlord rules and the abolition of all unequal treaties with the Western powers. [62][63] By 1906 the number of Tongmenghui members reached 963 people. This is the first such street name outside of Asia. HK university. Następnie odbył długą podróż przez Europę Środkową i Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki. His conversion to Christianity was related to his revolutionary ideals and push for advancement. 13 urte zituenean Hawaiira joan zen bere anaiarekin bizitzeko. In Bangkok, Sun visited Yaowarat Road, in Bangkok's Chinatown. This was the last imperial dynasty of China.He is often called as Father of the Nation. [1] According to his book "Kidnapped in London," Sun in 1887 heard of the opening of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese (the forerunner of The University of Hong Kong) and immediately decided to benefit from the "advantages it offered. "[59][60] He renounced it after it served its purpose to circumvent the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. [65] It is also in Penang that Sun and his supporters would launch the first Chinese "daily" newspaper, the Kwong Wah Yit Poh in December 1910. In 1927 Chiang Kai-shek married Soong Mei-ling, a sister of Sun's widow Soong Ching-ling, and subsequently he could claim to be a brother-in-law of Sun. [100] Sun survived the initial ten-day period and on 18 February, against the advice of doctors, he was transferred to the KMT headquarters and treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Peking Opera and Politics in Taiwan. [1] By age 13 in 1878, after receiving a few years of local schooling, Sun went to live with his elder brother, Sun Mei (孫眉) in Honolulu. Dwóch z nich to kobiety i jeden mężczyzna. In 1926, construction began on a majestic mausoleum at the foot of Purple Mountain in Nanjing, and this was completed in the spring of 1929. [1][19] In 1883 he was sent home to China as his brother was becoming worried that Sun Yat-sen was beginning to embrace Christianity. State and economy in republican China: a handbook for scholars, volume 1. [22], In 1886 Sun studied medicine at the Guangzhou Boji Hospital under the Christian missionary John G. [8] His likeness is still almost always found in ceremonial locations such as in front of legislatures and classrooms of public schools, from elementary to senior high school, and he continues to appear in new coinage and currency. A través del Partido Kuomintang allanó el camino para la eventual reunificación de la Patria.Sun Yat-sen nació el 12 de noviembre de 1866 en un hogar campesino en Choyhung en Kwangtung, cerca de la colonia portuguesa de Macao. [65] The villa used by Sun was known as Wan Qing Yuan. [2003] (2003). World Scientific publishing. Po wielu staraniach ponownie wzniósł w Kantonie czysto republikański rząd, ale w ograniczonym zakresie terytorialnym. März 1925 in Peking, Republik China) war ein chinesischer Revolutionär und Staatsmann. We had a very pleasant communion service yesterday..." – Hager to Clark, 5 May 1884, ABC 16.3.8: South China v.4, no.17, p.3, "...We had a pleasant communion yesterday and received one Chinaman into the church..." – Hager to Pond, 5 May 1884, ABC 16.3.8: South China v.4, no.18, p.3 postscript, Rev. [124] Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is located in Vancouver, the largest classical Chinese gardens outside of Asia. habe immer mit dem Kampf des Volkes . Sun Yat-sen w szczególny sposób wyróżnił się w języku angielskim i literaturze. [27], Sun was later baptized in Hong Kong (on 4 May 1884) by Rev. [14][15][16][17], At the age of 10, Sun began seeking schooling,[1] and he met childhood friend Lu Haodong. Soong Ching-Ling's sister, Soong Mei-ling, later married Chiang Kai-shek. Therefore, the Filipino dream of independence vanished with Sun's hopes of collaborating with the Philippines in his revolution in China. Źródło:, Sun Yat Sen Ojciec Republiki Chińskiej Odbudowa polityczna. Uzyskana i nawiązana współpraca z komunistami. [115] At the time his father was age 53, while his mother was 38 years old. [84] At the time there were many theories and proposals of what China could be.

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